Dani Faraj

Dani Faraj is internationally recognized as a creative innovator in hair design for more than 20 years. Being 3rd generation hair designer since age 12 in his fathers salon in ny Now resident executive director and master hairstylist in beverly hills BRIGHTON SALON He prides himself in exploding the boundaries of convention, and always approaches hair design with the sensitivity and creativity of a painter and a sculptor. A true artist. Hair to me is an esthetic medium. I believe that “cutting and shaping hair is a very personal an intimate experience for me. I always try to stay alert to the magic, so I can carve out shapes that are demanding to be born”. -Dani Faraj

For the last 20 years DANI FARAJ split his time between California and New York and miami it was at this time that he along with his mentor and father Faraj and mentor Adel paris hair sculptor re-invented his own method of cutting hair. ” The Front Pony Tail ” And believed he could follow the natural rhythm of the hair if he cut it dry. The method involves cutting vertically, tapering the ends of the hair with shears, always following the natural grain of the client’s hair. He taperes it with an esthetic that was born of his desire to reveal and accentuate the person, the individual, rather than merely providing a frame for the face. 

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